The Lake of Barberry Lake

About a mile outside of the center of town is the lake the town is named for. It has a beach, walking paths around half the lake, and a small dock where residents keep their boats for recreational boating and fishing. In the middle is a small island, large enough to block the view of anything behind it. It looks something like this.

Fannette Island, Lake Tahoe (By Lvtalon (talk · contribs) – Own work, Public Domain)`

The lake is a little over .5 miles in diameter, which gives it a circumference of 1.7 miles and makes it about 147 acres. It would take a motor boat going slowly about 20 minutes to circle the lake (5 mph, for no-wake, or 4.3 knots).

It looks a fair bit like Elizabeth Lake in Los Angeles County, which is 160 acres.

Elizabeth Lake-kmf Elizabeth Lake - panoramio

To the right of the beach is a parking lot and small dock. Something like this.

Lund harbour

Most of the boats there are rowboats, kayaks, or small sail/motorboats. The Cohens have an antique fishing boat.

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